24 September 2020

Join us on Thursday 24 September 2020 at 8am NZST for the second OPEN HALL; a public Town Hall meeting.

Email to register and receive the zoom link.

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13 August 2020

Join us on Thursday 13 August 2020* at 8am NZST for OPEN HALL; a public Town Hall meeting.

Over the last three-months Town Hall has gathered in its virtual quarters every Tuesday morning at 8 am (NZST); the only agreeable time between the multiple zones of the group’s members. These weekly meetings have become forums for discussing the nature and possibilities of art and its agency, as we attempt to develop Town Hall as a collective and platform that is of use in this current moment.

Our meetings follow a simple structure: each week a different member asks a Hot Question (e.g. “Who is your audience?” or “Is systemic change/ transformation possible from inside institutional structures?”). The question is not disclosed in advance, so absorbed and answered in an informal conversation.

Open Hall takes the Hot Question session public… This is an invitation to share what is churning around in your mind, right now.

Open Hall is a pilot or test-of-concept: to keep it at a manageable size the first 30 or so guests to register via email will be sent the zoom link.

* 13 August falls in the Tangaroa phase of the Maramataka; a time for productive, positive, and fruitful energy. Bring it!

29 June 2020

"The silos have tipped over and grain is self-seeding, the calf-eteria is full to the brim, come suckle at the teat!"

Town Hall is dedicated to the formation, sharing, and circulation of contemporary art and ideas. Part journal, part aggregator, part publishing imprint, part working group, Town Hall’s aim is to support the building and re-building of a critical context for contemporary practice. The image of the scaffold was chosen for Town Hall as a support structure that a range of activities can be hinged off, some online and some irl. These things will be collated on this website.

Town Hall is stubbornly artist-led, and initiated and organised by a collective. The project, founded in Tāmaki Makaurau Auckland in 2020, is the result of many conversations with friends about finding new ways of working. Our collaborators include but are not limited to:

Cameron Ah Loo-Matamua, David Bennewith, Jan Bryant, Ruth Buchanan, Fiona Connor, Henry Davidson, Felix Henning-Tapley, Sarah Hopkinson, Kate Newby, Ammon Ngakuru, Warren Olds, Meg Porteous, Laura Preston, Bridget Riggir-Cuddy, Shannon Te Ao, etc.